Spay & Neuter

Spaying and Neutering Your Pet

We encourage spaying and neutering for your pet in order to promote overall health and to help prevent the amount of unwanted pets that are in the shelters. Therefore we have very affordable rates for our spays and neuters.

Our standard fees include a pre-surgical exam on your pet by the veterinarian in which the doctor will listen to the heart and lungs to be sure they sound clear and healthy, the gums will be checked to make sure that your pet is not dehydrated or appear to be suspicious for anemia, and the temperature and weight will be checked as well to make sure your pet is within a healthy and normal range.

The surgery is then performed under gas anesthesia using isofluorane. Your pet will have its blood pressure, oxygen level, and heart rate monitored throughout the entire procedure. Two injections of pain medication will be administered to your pet to manage any pain and that pain management will last a total of 24 hours. Oral pain medication will be dispensed with your pet to be given for 3 days after the surgery. The suture removal if needed, is included in the standard cost as well and is done 14 days after the surgery.

Laser Surgery Upgrade

The laser is used to make the incision and it seals the blood vessels as it cuts and it deadens the nerve endings. This results in less pain and swelling after the surgery, resulting in a faster and more comfortable period of recuperation. ($39.50 for either a feline or canine spay or neuter)

When can we alter our animal?

We recommend spaying around 5-6 months of age. However, it is recommended to wait at least 2 weeks after their last round of puppy/kitten vaccines which is typically at 16 weeks of age. One thing to consider when determining the surgical time, is that your pet has baby teeth that will be replaced by adult teeth around 5- 6 months of age. We often recommend coordinating the surgery around this time so that if the baby teeth have not fallen out yet, they can be extracted under anesthesia. There are many things to consider but the primary goal is to spay prior to the first heat cycle and neuter before sexual maturity, so please call if you have questions about our timing recommendations please call and ask one of our staff members.

What if my female is in heat?

If a pet is 6 months and over they are at the age when they can start coming into heat or into their breeding cycle. If your pet is in their current heat cycle or actively bleeding there is an additional fee of $39.50 for a cat and $59.50 for a dog to cover the additional surgery time.

If your pet is overweight, lactating or has other issues that will affect the surgical time there is an additional fee of $30 that will be incurred. Regarding neutering, if your male’s testicles have not descended into the scrotum, there is an additional fee ranging from $95-$175 depending on their location in the body.

Do they stay overnight?

Spays and neuters are a one day process, you drop off in the morning and pickup in the late afternoon. We ask that you do not give any food after 9p.m. the night before but DO allow them to drink water so that they stay hydrated.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to call.

All pets are required to be current on their vaccinations. Dogs must have their DAPP, Lepto, Bordetella and Rabies vaccines. Cats must have their FVRCP and Rabies vaccines. If you cannot provide medical documents showing the vaccines were administered by a veterinarian we will administer them.
Our economy spay and neuter fees include the following:

1. A pre-surgical exam performed by the veterinarian to ensure your pet is healthy for anesthesia.
2. The surgery is performed using injectable and gas anesthesia using isoflurane
3. Your pet’s heart and respiratory rates, blood pressure and oxygenation will be monitored closely.
4. Injectable pain medication will be administered before, during and after surgery.
5. The surgical procedure itself.
6. Pain medication to go home with your pet to be given for 3 days.

Surgery Fees Neuter Spay
Cat $169.50 $219.50
0-24lb $269.50 $299.50
25-49lb $279.50 $319.50
50-74lb $289.50 $349.50
75-99lb $299.50 $379.50
> 100lb $379.50 $459.50

There will be an additional fee for males if both testes are not in the scrotum (crypt orchid) or for females that are in heat, pregnant, obese or have any other abnormalities.

Our base price includes the services that we feel are the most important for a successful surgery, however there are several additional services that are important to offer for an additional cost:

1. Laser upgrade The CO2 laser seals as it cuts. This results in minimal bleeding as many of the vessels are sealed. The nerve endings are sealed as well so they transmit less pain sensation, leading to a smoother, less painful recovery period. $39.50 

2. IV catheter and fluids The IV catheter provides quick access to the veins in the event of an emergency. Fluids help maintain blood pressure and protect the kidneys and liver during surgery, and also can help your pet wake up from anesthesia more quickly. This is required for animals 5 years of age or older. $89.75 

3. Elizabethan collar This is cone that goes on your pet’s neck to help prevent licking/chewing of the surgery site. Not all pets need this, but it is convenient to have it available if needed.$14.75-24.75

4. Microchip Although this can be installed at any time, it involves a fairly large needle so if done while your pet is under anesthesia and already getting pain medication the procedure is more comfortable. Our microchip includes lifelong registration. Chip $49.95 

5. Pre-anesthetic blood testing We recommend a blood screening test before anesthesia for all pets. The tests look for problems like anemia, diabetes, kidney and liver disease. Pets that are 5 years and older are required to have a blood screening prior to anesthesia. $149.50 - $169.50

6. Sedatives for home It is important to keep your pet quiet and calm during the recuperation period in order to prevent complications. We are able to send home medications to help. $18.75

7. Discounted Toe Nail Trim $15.75 (reg $18.75)


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