*All pets are required to be current on their vaccinations by a veterinarian. Dogs must have their DAPP, LEPTO, Bordetella and Rabies vaccines. Cats must have their FPV and Rabies vaccines. If your pet is not current or you cannot provide documents showing the vaccines were administered by a veterinarian we will administer the required vaccines.

It is our goal to keep all procedures as reasonably priced as possible. Our base price includes the services that we feel are the most important for a successful surgery and a comfortable experience for your pet. There are several other services that we feel are important to offer. They are available at an additional fee.

1. IV catheter and IV fluids The IV catheter provides quick access to the veins in the event of an emergency. The fluids help keep the blood pressure at a normal level and help to protect the kidneys and liver during surgery. They also can help your pet wake up from anesthesia more quickly. We continue the fluids throughout the surgery and recovery period. This is required for animals 7 years of age or older. $79.75

2. Elizabethan collar This is the lamp-shade looking device that goes on your pets neck to help prevent licking/chewing of the surgery site. Not all pets need this, but it is convenient to have it available if needed. $9.75-19.75

3. Microchip Although this can be installed at any time, it involves a fairly large needle so if done while your pet is under anesthesia and already getting pain medication the procedure is more comfortable. Our microchip includes lifelong registration. Our regular price for the microchip is $29.50, if it is done today under anesthesia there is a $5.00 saving. Chip $24.50

4. Pre-anesthestic blood testing We recommend a blood screening test before anesthesia. The tests look for problems like anemia, diabetes, kidney and liver disease. $89.50 - $159.50 depending on the health and needs of your pet as determined by our vet. Pets that are 7 years and older are required to have a blood screening prior to anesthesia.

5. Sedatives for home In order to keep your pet calmer during the recuperation period we can send home sedatives. $14.75

6. Toe Nail Trim $6.75 (reg $12.75)

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