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Microchips are a very important option that you should consider for your pet. Ideally you and your pet will never be separated but unfortunately this is not always the case. Pets often can escape through a fence or simply out the front door and without a permanent I.D it can be very difficult to get your pet back to you once they are found.

A microchip can help in this situation by being a permanent source of Identification. Veterinary offices and animal shelters are equipped with microchip scanners and your pet’s chip will show up when scanned. By registering your pet’s microchip your contact information will always be available once your pet is scanned. Microchips are very small, approximately the size of a grain of rice. It is installed through a needle and is placed between the shoulder blades.

Our regular price for the microchip is $49.95, the brand is 911petchip-FreePetChipRegistry and lifelong registration is included. We provide you with the microchip identification number so you can register on You will be asked to use your email address and enter a password in order to update your contact information in the future. This will allow your pet to be quickly reunited with you in the unfortunate case your pet is separated from you and found by someone else.

The FreePetChipRegistry can be used with any brand of microchip besides our own. If your pet is already microchipped through another company feel free to register with us because it is free and it can never hurt to have your pet registered at more than one place!


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